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Prepare for the future with these Mendix World 2019 keynote speakers!!

Prepare for the future with these Mendix World 2019 keynote speakers!! by Bryanne Baye

Mendix World 2019 is the premier low-code conference, bringing together business and IT leaders to share ideas that can drive innovation, and empower their organizations to take a radical approach to application development. We’ve already told you about the wealth of customer stories you’re going to hear at Mendix World. Stories of innovation and transformation from executives from Canada Post, Rabobank, eXp Realty, Zurich Insurance, Erie Insurance, and Continental.

These companies are navigating uncharted territory, re-shaping the way they work. So, it’s only fitting that the premier global conference on innovation and digital transformation would include two keynote speakers who are best equipped to show us how to prepare ourselves for the future of application development: renowned explorer, Bear Grylls, and the authority on the digital revolution Andreas Ekström.

Survival skills

How are you going to adapt to the new terrain of the app development landscape? Nothing could prepare you more for that than stories of survival from Bear Grylls, famed explorer, adventurer, former SAS Serviceman, and host of Running Wild and Man vs Wild. Grylls will inspire you with his stories of navigating life-or-death situations, motivating you to harness the power of teamwork and hone your leadership skills to take on the shifting terrains of app development.

The addition of Bear Grylls to the already packed Mendix World 2019 agenda will highlight how businesses and organizations can be just as hard to navigate as any jungle, especially when different teams are speaking different languages. Embracing adversity, and building resourceful solutions is critical to thriving in these challenging conditions. Who better to show us how to do this than Bear Grylls.

A look into the future

Andreas Ekström Portrait

How are your apps going to change the way the world works? Let Andreas Ekström, author, columnist, and futurist, show you how today’s technology is reshaping the future of work.

Ekström’s passion is educating for digital equality, through reporting and speaking about the digital revolution. In his road to educate for digital equality, Ekström always comes back to people – and how this massive technologically-driven transition that we are all a part of is changing lives, business, politics, relationships, and society as a whole. Andreas will take this opportunity to describe how our view of the digital world affects the most urgent issues of today.

You’ll hear what Ekström has witnessed in this new world – and together, you’ll learn how this applies to you and the work you’re doing every day.

Get inspired and take action

Mendix World 2019 is going to give you a wealth of information including strategic technology trends, customer success stories, the latest Mendix platform capabilities, and hands-on low-code training. You’ll leave Mendix World 2019 armed and ready to re-shape the future of your business.

Haven’t registered yet? Click the banner below. Bring your colleagues too, both within IT and your business stakeholders. The more people that learn how to adapt to this new app development landscape, the brighter the future of work will be.

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