Now, more than ever, work needs to be done; products and services need to be created, enhanced, and maintained. At Mendix, we recognize this, which is why we are putting together this list of content to help you ensure you’re successful and are building the mission-critical solutions you need to develop.

From how-tos to enhancing customer experience, below are some of the topics we have been asked for so far.  But we want to hear what matters most to you. Take this survey below to let us know what would be most helpful to you. As we get feedback, we’ll expand and prioritize this content to make sure we are serving your needs.

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Mendix How-tos

Here are some general ways you can ensure Mendix success no matter where you work.

Here’s how to move to a paperless signature process with Mendix and Docusign.

Growing and scaling with Mendix

To ensure you are building and maintaining mission-critical solutions, you need put the right people and the right processes in place. That’s exactly what Miroslav Samoylenko did at Trane Technologies, setting up a low-code center of excellence.

Digitizing the customer experience

Customer experience — ensuring your customers and end users are interacting with your products and brand in meaningful, productive ways—has never been more vital.

Whether it’s building or iterating on a customer portal, creating agent/broker portals, or creating self-service applications, you need to make sure your applications have frictionless usability and offer multi-channel access.

We’re here to enable you to deliver the best customer experience you can provide. Here are some how-tos and examples of using Mendix to serve your customers no matter what their needs are.

Stay connected in new ways

The means you use to engage with customers through these applications are important too. Chatbots and video conferencing are just two ways you can deliver exceptional customer experiences that meet your users’ needs.

Going native mobile

Creating experiences that delight customers and match their needs means delivering through a number of channels. Do this by migrating your applications to native mobile. Here’s how.

Get inspired

Here are some stories where organizations are building and iterating some amazing customer experiences.


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