Deployment Options

Deploy to and operate in the cloud of your choice with a platform that has cloud technology at its core, resulting in a seamless experience managing the full application lifecycle.

Mendix Cloud

The most resilient low-code platform cloud

The Mendix Cloud is our public cloud service and the default deployment option for Mendix applications. Cloud-Foundry-based, running globally on AWS, Mendix is the only Low-Code Platform that offers customers out-of-the-box application resilience and scalability:

Availability Zones – Automatically provision applications running across AWS Availability Zones

Auto Recovery – Automatically recover applications if the service is interrupted

High Availability – Leverage default High Availability (HA) for all applications, with self-service configuration of HA scenarios from simple to most advanced:

  • – Automatically spin up new application containers with Auto Recovery
  • – Distribute load with a simple slider for horizontal scaling
  • – Option to configure a HA Database

Instant Resizing – Add more compute power to applications, instantly resizing them in runtime

Flexible File Storage – Manage AWS S3-based file storage with flexible limits

Application Portability – Port applications seamlessly across public and private clouds.

12-factor Principles – Adhere to cloud-native, 12-factor principles with the Mendix cloud, in order to be compatible with future technology.

Global Deployment:
Cloud Foundry & AWS

For Mendix, AWS provides the global infrastructure and Cloud Foundry delivers the application deployment engine.

Mendix is a member of the Cloud Foundry initiative and makes use of the open source platform to deliver enterprise-class scalability and application resilience while keeping deployment flexibility. The Mendix R&D team actively contributes to the Cloud Foundry project, benefiting the community, as a whole.

Private Cloud

Deploy to any Cloud Foundry Environment
The stateless architecture of the Mendix Platform matches perfectly with the container and resource management services in Cloud Foundry. Mendix can be deployed to any Cloud Foundry environment.

Cloud Foundry-Ready
Mendix runs on Cloud Foundry as a buildpack.

One-Click Deployment
One-click deploy to any Cloud Foundry environment directly from the Mendix Modeler.

Scalable & Secure
Run web and mobile applications on Cloud Foundry for secure, highly available and scalable operations.

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Virtual Private Cloud

Mendix in your VPC at AWS or Azure
Easily deploy Mendix in your Virtual Private Cloud, leveraging the services and resources from your enterprise account. Buy Mendix from the AWS or Azure marketplace, or utilize your own license and benefit from:

Docker Deployment
Instantly deploy applications in a virtual private cloud using Docker containers

Continuous Delivery
Leverage integrations with Continuous Delivery services

Application Portability
Port applications seamlessly across Cloud Foundry and Docker-based environments

On Premises

Despite the advantages of leveraging the cloud, there are scenarios that call for on premises deployment. Mendix has a miniaturized footprint that can easily run in your data center.

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