Mendix for Manufacturing Industries

It’s time to start reimagining manufacturing.

Assemble Better Digital Experiences by Connecting People, Products, and Data with Low-Code

The Mendix low-code application development platform makes it simple and convenient for manufacturers to connect their workforce with people, products, and data. With low-code apps, you can digitally transform your shop floor, keep your quality management processes running smoothly and dependably, and make your supply chains more resilient against disruption.
Start reimagining manufacturing with Mendix.

Mendix Solutions for Your Manufacturing Challenges

Manufacturing Shop Floor

Manufacturing Shop Floor

Deliver speed and agility to your shop floor. Use Mendix to connect your shop floor to your manufacturing operations management systems, eliminate inefficient paper processes, create personalized applications for your workforce, and bring mobile access to every task.

Quality Management

Simplify the complexities of quality management. Mendix makes it easy to tie together multiple quality management processes, promote data sharing and collaboration, and modernize your processes while keeping your core quality management systems clean.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Boost your supply chain predictability and agility. Mendix equips you to respond rapidly to supply and demand fluctuations by automating your processes, strengthening your collaboration, and giving you greater visibility into your connected supply chain.

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  • The Why-How-What of Low-code App Development (incl. Live coding!)

    4:00-6:00PM SGT

    Meet our app dev experts and digital transformation practitioner: learn why organizations are adopting low-code platform to accelerate app development delivery; how easy it is to implement low-code with your existing tech stacks; what additional values Mendix platform can bring to your organization.
  • Mendix low-code development in the STACKIT cloud

    11am - 12pm

    Schwarz IT provides insights into their strategy for agile low-code application development with Mendix and secure operation in the sovereign STACKIT Cloud.
  • Introduction to Mendix & Leveraging it to Improve your Business by Prolim

    11:00 AM ET / 9:30 PM IST

    Join this live webinar by our partner Prolim on December 8 and learn how to develop web and mobile applications using Mendix, the low-code and no-code platform—rapidly develop applications using a model-driven platform.