Pivotal Cloud Foundry Rapid Application Development with Mendix

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Accelerate the Digital Enterprise with Rapid Application Development

Mendix for Pivotal Cloud Foundry brings a new level of speed and agility to the delivery of cloud-native, multi-channel application. Using Mendix’s signature visual modeling capabilities, business-oriented, rapid developers can build and modify apps six times faster than traditional programming methods with integrated one-click deployment and auto-scaling on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Enabled by the Power of Open Source Standards

Mendix and Pivotal have partnered to deliver a complete, Cloud Foundry-based platform for rapid application development and delivery. Their shared commitment to open source standards is fueling high-velocity, software-driven innovation while providing customers greater deployment flexibility and portability.

Mendix brings powerful rapid application development capabilities to Pivotal Cloud Foundry, further enhancing enterprise agility and accelerating continuous delivery of innovative business solutions.