Why Mendix FSM?

Do you manage a field service management operation? Mendix FSM can help you reduce the downtime of high-value assets, create and manage sleek, efficient, and budget compliant FSM operations. It can help you keep your internal and external customers happy and empower your technicians, boosting their productivity, work satisfaction and engagement.

Fast time to value

The FSM App Suite is adaptive and offers rapid implementation. It can be customized to fit your specific processes, be running and delivering value in a few weeks. Gone is the time when your only software choice was build or buy and to accept the challenges and drawbacks. To build an application from scratch is a costly, complex, time- consuming effort delivering software difficult to maintain. To buy off-the-shelf is quick and easy, but inflexible, forcing you to adopt standard processes and stripping you of your competitive differentiators. Mendix FSM is adaptive. It’s modern and different.

Mendix FSM consists of kick-starter templates based on best-practices. You can quickly adapt and customize these templates to support your specific processes and needs. The suite offers fast time to value, while accommodating your unique ways of working and competitive edge.

Let’s make field service management better, together.

Three reasons to
choose Mendix FSM

There are many FSM solutions on the market. You could even attempt to build your own (although we wouldn’t advise it). So why choose Mendix FSM?

Don't build or buy - Adapt Mendix FSM

Your field service management operation is unique. You’ll want to reflect this core part of your identity in the software you deploy. You probably don’t want to face the cost, risk and years involved in writing your own applications. But you’ll have discovered that off-the-shelf solutions usually force a ‘one-size-fits-all’ straightjacket on you with only limited customization stripping away your competitive differentiators.

But there’s another way. Mendix FSM is adaptive. You can adapt Mendix FSM to precisely fit your needs.

Mendix FSM is built on the Mendix low-code application platform. This development base gives you a huge degree of freedom to customize Mendix FSM to fit your specific work processes and retain your uniqueness. Mendix FSM is yours to customize at speed. Yours to match with your ways of working. Yours to continually adapt over time as your needs evolve.

Fast time to value - Templates

While most off-the-shelf FSM solutions offer some customization, it’s rarely possible to match your unique processes. Any re-coding you require to gain a better fit can take months or years and be extremely expensive. Building your own solution could take even longer and be even more expensive. Install Mendix FSM and within weeks you can deploy our kick-starter templates. These templates, co-developed with our customers, get you going. They provide basic field service management functionality right away, straight out-of-the-box. Your chosen Mendix development team can then build on these templates, adding custom capabilities. Within weeks you can already have adapted your Mendix FSM to your core needs as a business. Within months of commencing a concerted effort, you’ll likely have accommodated the majority of your unique business processes, with ongoing evolution all within your stride.

Easy access to developers - Built on Mendix

Mendix is a Gartner-positioned leader in low-code development. With more than 90,000 users, it’s also one of the most common low-code development platforms in use worldwide. When you’re ready to customize your Mendix FSM solution, you can access services through hundreds of development providers and many thousands of freelancers. In fact, in many cases, you’ll begin internally. With the platform’s ease of use, organizations frequently assign internal developers, often ‘business developers’ (tech-savvy staff with detailed FSM process experience), to learn Mendix and take things forward. Integration with other systems is easy too, since Mendix supports connections to other apps and services through industry-standard interfaces and protocols. These include REST, SOAP, JDBC, and OData.

In choosing Mendix FSM and the Mendix development environment, rather than building your own solutions, you won’t face the risk of technical developers occasionally writing code others struggle to follow. Everything is governed by the Mendix framework for application development. New developers can fit in or take over almost seamlessly, and become productive quickly.

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Let’s make field service management better, together.

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