Ideas to Apps 6x Faster

The platform to build web and mobile apps at record speed

Design and develop simultaneously
  • No Lock In – Platform supports standard Java plus HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 and SQL
  • Achieve 6x faster productivity with visual application development
  • Create beautiful apps with UI layouts, widgets, and other patterns and components
  • Launch quickly with 1-click deployment on your cloud of choice
Multi-device ready


Provide great user experiences across any device with our UI Framework and layout components. We even support iOS, Android, and Windows through our PhoneGap integration and native widgets.

Open Standards

Use our Integrated Development Environment to rapidly design and deploy web and mobile apps


Capture stories, tasks, sprints, and feedback collaboratively with business users, fully integrated with full ALM.

LayoutsLayouts, widgets, snippets and more

Create responsive pages for web and mobile with layouts, page patterns, widgets and snippets. The Mendix client uses a rich extensible JavaScript client with Bootstrap to quickly build beautiful themes.


Run your app in the cloud with a single click. Deploy directly from our IDE, the Mendix platform or use our deployment APIs.

Version ControlVersion Control

Support for multi-developer teams with integrated version control, branching, merging and conflict management.

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Native Modeler

Visually model your data entities and associations, and let Mendix do the rest

Model Your Data

Domain Model

Domain Model

Domain models describe your applications data as entities and associations.

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Import/Export Data

Import & Export Data

Access data from any source: REST, SOAP, XML, Excel, Access, Salesforce, SAP and more.

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Integrate apps across disparate data sources and services.

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Visually model complex logic, workflows, and processes

Visually Model Device



Collaborate with business users via visual models for complex logic, workflow and business process design.

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Live Debugging

Isolate issues, visually step through logic and interrogate data to rapidly solve application bugs.

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Open Platform

Open Platform

Make your models extensible, open, accessible, and shareable via our Model SDK.

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Design beautiful responsive user interfaces and web experiences

UI Framework Device

Choose from a set of beautiful and contemporary themes or create your own.

Navigation LayoutsNavigation layouts

Select a navigation pattern that works for you; choose from different device type layouts or create your own.

Page TemplatesPage templates

Mix and match theme packs. Choose the page patterns, navigation and snippets to suit your needs.

Design ElementsDesign elements

Connect your data with our rich set of UI elements, download one of our 200+ open source widgets from the app store or roll your own.


Customize as needed with Bootstrap, Sass, Compass, and Koala.
Customization Icons

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Deploy and manage your application portfolio with a single platform

One Click Deployment1-click deployment

Fully automated staging and provisioning to run your applications with a single click. Learn more

CloudCloud interoperability

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or On Premise options built on Cloud Foundry.

DTAPAgile DevOps

Drive Agile development with built in staging & provisioning across Test, Acceptance, and Production environments for go live.

Alerts and TrendsAlerts & trends

Get notifications when something needs attention; monitor traffic, performance and the overall health of your application portfolio.

SandboxesUnlimited sandboxes

Test-drive Mendix or simply build a small app for up to 10 users; sandboxes are free and there’s no trial period.


Get peace of mind with daily automated backups, transferable between DTAP environments.

Deploy and Manage Device

1-Click Deployment

Efficient DevOps. Enabled.

Run your application in a single click:

  • Fully automated provisioning of application environments
  • Developer Sandboxes for instant testing
  • DTAP environments for staged go live
  • Build Server API for test automation and continuous integration
  • Run on any device, including desktop, tablet or phone

With Mendix, I can make a change on the fly, with the customer sitting right with me. They can see what I’m doing and understand what it means with respect to the application design and workflow.
Pim van der Noll | Mendix Business Engineer at Appronto

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Manage your development projects easily and effectively



Plan your sprints, manage user stories, and track scrum boards and burn-down charts.


User feedback

Shorten the feedback loop with our in app feedback button.



Provide colleagues and stakeholders with live insight into the lifecycle of your application.


Version control & branching

Manage your model and code versions, branch and merge distributed development.


Platform security

Enterprise level platform security, optimized for performance and designed for scalability.


Disaster recovery

Fully managed daily automated backups, transferable between DTAP environments.

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