What Are the Platform Capabilities of the Mendix Marketplace?

The Mendix Platform is integrated with the Mendix Marketplace, which is full of components built by both Mendix and the Mendix community. There is a Public Marketplace for apps and app components, and a Private Marketplace where companies can internally share apps and application components.

The Marketplace is fully integrated into Mendix Studio Pro. Users can directly search for and implement reusable components in their applications.

For more information, see Marketplace Overview in the Marketplace Guide.

What Types of Reusable Components Are Available in the Mendix Marketplace?

For developers, the Mendix Marketplace offers a rich repository of reusable components that can significantly accelerate development productivity. These components are shared in the Mendix community as open-source components or commercial products.

The Mendix Marketplace is directly accessible from Mendix Studio Pro, where Marketplace components can be loaded into the project model with a single click. The components are presented in the categories described below.

How Can I Share Private Reusable Components in My Company?

The Mendix Marketplace can be used as a private enterprise Marketplace so that project teams can discover the reusable components (like connectors, widgets, styling, and starter apps) that are accessible to them within their organization.

The Mendix Marketplace supports the distribution of private company-only content. Any other user in your company can search for and use this private content from the Marketplace. Private content is always marked as “Company only” so that it is clear what is publicly and privately available.