Integrate your app with almost any other system

The Mendix rapid application development platform easily integrates with other enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, FICO, IBM, Salesforce, TIBCO, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others including custom legacy systems.

Integration is made easy through a complete web services based architecture, and prebuilt connectors and templates. Integration can either include traditional data transfer and synchronization methods or much faster enterprise mash-ups which allow you to tap into data from other systems very quickly and without the need to move data from one system to another.

  • Web services
  • Templates to quickly import data from
    • Relational databases
    • Flat files
    • Excel and CSV files
    • SAP Netweaver and BAPIs
    • Use the complete Java stack to integrate with other systems

Technical Features

  • Supports XSD files to quickly define XML structures
  • Provides out of the box synchronization features


Extend Mendix yourself

The Mendix platform gives you the option to create your own plugins both for the web client and the server. You can create your own library of reusable components which can be shared through the App Store.


  • Create your custom widgets using an Eclipse based SDK (Dojo, Jquery or other Javascript frameworks)
  • Import custom widgets to the modeling environment to easily configure and apply them to your app
  • Create your own Java libraries to extend the Mendix Runtime Server
  • Share your plugins with others via the Mendix App Store