To help you get started with the Mendix Platform, we have created a complete integrated onboarding experience that will get you working with Mendix as quickly as possible. Embedded guidance will walk you through the core aspects of the platform, offering you the ability to experience Mendix while learning about key concepts and features. Additionally, there are a wealth of resources for learning available to the Mendix community, such as an active user forum where answers to your questions will be provided in minutes.

Where Do I Start with the Mendix Platform?

First, you will need to sign up on the platform by clicking Start for free on the Mendix website. Once signed up, you will be guided through a carefully planned onboarding experience, which only takes a few minutes. This will give you the grounding you need to get started building your first app in Mendix. From there, head over to the rich and diverse Mendix Community and Forum, or visit our Academy and get started on one of our many learning paths.

For details, see Where Do I Start with the Mendix Platform?.

How Can I Kick-Start My App Development Project?

The Mendix Platform comes with a series of starter apps, which provide all the scaffolding needed to get started building your first application. Starter apps combine with ready-made open-source components downloaded from the Mendix Marketplace, such as theme packs, UI templates, and logic to further accelerate the delivery of your first app. You can create company-specific starter apps as well as Marketplace components and store them in your company’s Private Marketplace to accelerate development even more.

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What Can the Mendix Community Do for Me?

Mendix has a vibrant community of tens of thousands of users and active contributors. On the Mendix Community site, the community comes together around all the tools and information they need. This is where you can find out about updates in the Mendix Forum and Marketplace, product releases, webinars, meetups, new blog posts, and new Academy content.

For details, see What Can the Mendix Community Do for Me?.

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